A Worship Update During COVID-19

Dear Church Family, 

I was in our sanctuary on Wednesday imagining being in worship with you and I realized that there are many things to work out so that we can safely gather so I will be inviting a team of people to be safety consultants to our church leadership so that we can work towards the time when it is safe for us to gather in worship. We will spend the remainder of the month of May figuring out the various policies, protocols and adaptations that we need to make so that we can gather in person to worship together.  

We will continue to worship via Facebook Live each Sunday until we are able to gather in the sanctuary.  We will also continue to worship via Facebook after we can physically worship together. I love the fact that we have people who are connected to our community who are around the United States who can worship with us via Facebook.  I also love the level of community that is developing with you through the chat communication that you share during worship.

Our staff will continue to work remotely during the week having minimal physical presence in the office.  We are in the office periodically, yet, we are minimizing the contact we have with the world to encourage personal safety.

So, the bottom line is this.

  1. We will worship via Facebook on Sunday mornings at 9:30 for the ongoing future.
  2. We will not worship in person through at least the month of May.
  3. Our staff will continue to work from home.
  4. We will continue to be a faith community that is Christ’s presence wherever we are.
  5. We will all get through this and support each other through this challenging time.
  6. No matter what God is with us and we are not alone.
  7. There will be a time in the future when we can safely worship God together and we are dedicated to find the safe and correct ways to prepare for that time.

I continue to pray for you all during this time.

If you would like to be a participant in the health and safety consultant team to get us ready to worship in person, please let me know.  If you want to talk, pray, just touch base, laugh, cry, whatever with me, I can be reached at 314-479-8446 or lpumcpaster@sbcglobal.net.

I long for the time when we are safely together to fully worship God.

Peace and blessings be with you.
Pastor Kathleen 

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