Pastor’s Christmas Message

Dear Friends,

This has been quite a year for us. There have been many times when we have not been able to do what we have always done. Our Corned Beef and Cabbage meal, Rummage and Boutique sales, Easter Egg Hunt, Turney Dinner, Breakfast with Santa and too many to even name. We have lost dear friends this year and we have not been able to give them a proper memorial because of the limitations in gathering because of COVID-19. It has impacted our worship services and I know how we ache to be able to worship in the sanctuary.

There are many times that we could have just given up this year. Yet, whenever one of us was discouraged someone else was hopeful. This year you have been my hope in the ways that you continued to connect with each other and still make ministry happen. I am deeply touch by seeing the care that you have shown each other as we try to remain connected through technology and safe distance when we gather wearing masks. Each and every one of you have helped hold our faith community together. You have helped us find new ways to do worship that reaches people we have not been able to reach. You have been cheerleaders. Bottom line you are amazing, and it is an honor and privilege to serve God and our community together.

This Christmas Eve services will be completely different. We have a recorded worship service broadcasted on Facebook at 4:00pm and 11:00pm and it will be a merging of our Family Friendly service and our Traditional Carol service. Centenary will have a live streamed worship service on Facebook at 7:00pm with the Gateway Brass. I have tried to incorporate some of the special parts each service for this year.

You are the hope of our church. You are the hope for our community. You give me great hope and I thank you for the many ways you bring the light of God’s love to our world.

I pray that you have a blessed and memorable Advent and Christmas Eve.


Pastor Kathleen


Join us for our 4:00pm and 11:00pm Christmas Eve services. They will be blended family-friendly and traditional carol services shared on our Facebook page.

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